List of Priests

This list of Priest comes from Gerard Spencer, Catholic Life in Swansea: The Centenary of St. David’s Church, Swansea 1847-1947. Therefore this list is incomplete and stops in 1944.

Dates Name Church
1803-1814 Abbé Albert Séjan Nelson Street Chapel
1814-1824 Vacant Nelson Street Chapel
1824-1829 Rev. James Fleetwood Nelson Street Chapel
1829-1830 Rev. John Tuomey Nelson Street Chapel
1830-1831 Rev. Samuel Walsh Nelson Street Chapel
1831-1832 Rev. Robert Platt Nelson Street Chapel
1832-1833 Rev. Michael O’Connor Nelson Street Chapel
1833-1835 Rev. James Butterfield Nelson Street Chapel
1835-1839 Rev. George Bond Nelson Street Chapel
1839-1856 Rev. Charles Kavanagh St. David’s Priory
1856-1873 Rev. Peter Lewis St. David’s Priory
1873-1876 Wilfed Price, O.S.B. St. David’s Priory
1876-1893 Paulinus Wilson, O.S.B St. David’s Priory
1893-1899 Wilfred Phillipson, O.S.B. St. David’s Priory
1899-1904 David Hurley, O.S.B. St. David’s Priory
1904-1914 Basil Gwydir, O.S.B. St. David’s Priory
1914-1919 Augustine Egerton, O.S.B. St. David’s Priory
1919-1935 Raymund Aspinwall, O.S.B. St. David’s Priory
1935-1944 John Murty, O.S.B. St. David’s Priory
1944- Gerard Spencer, O.S.B. St. David’s Priory

These priest had to follow a strict set of rule, which were listed in the Priest’s Guide. Picture below is an example of a Priest’s Guide which lists all the regulation that priests had to abide by.

Here are just a few examples of the rules Priests had to follow: They had to rise at a certain time while also having a curfew. Although not forbidden to go to public houses, they were not allowed to linger especially to drink or smoke. No priest may sing or play in any public concert or entertainment, whether charitable or otherwise. Or visit music-halls or other places of amusement.

LAC/99/P/2, Richard Burton Archive, Swansea University

LAC/99/P/2, Richard Burton Archive, Swansea University


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